Kessler Meat

The abattoir and its assets was foundet in November 2008 and has been operated by Kessler Meat (PTY) Ltd. in Brits, South Africa and managed by an experienced Manager from Germany. Our intention has was to become market leader in South Africa for quality and efficiency; this was achieved by implementing the high German slaughtering standards and methods to secure the competiveness and profitability of the company.

Our intention was to become market in South Africa for quality and efficiency; which has been achieved by implementing the high German slaughtering standards and methods.

The abattoir had a solid base slaughterhouse and a constant supply of cattle and pigs. The slaughterhouse's output increased from fifty to two hundred cattle. With reintroducing lamb slaughtering, a dissection and de-boning unit and the development of the retail and wholesale meat business puted the abattoir into a pool position. In 2009 18.205 cattle were slaughtered. This was an increase of 530% in comparison to 2008. Also 40.000 pigs and 7.000 lambs were slaughtered in the same period. The budget figures have clearly been excellent. The company had an ideal location and received most of its supplies from local farms and feedlots. And the closeness to Pretoria and Johannesburg ensured a high demand for our food products.

In the first operating year, the abattoir was upgraded to reach international production standards. The hygiene assessment rating given by the provincial authority to Kessler Meat was with 96.97%  (out of 100%), which means excellent. In September 2009, Kessler Meat was awarded third place in Red Meat Abattoir Award in the whole of the North West Province 2008/2009, from Department of Agriculture, Consevation, and Rural Development.

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